Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for such a detailed answer regarding history of art at university! Bristol and Manchester are ones I've really considered, I'd never really thought about Warwick - were there any major reasons why you didn't want to go to those? Obviously I will go to open days before I make a decision, I'm just interested in your opinion :) thanks again x

Honestly I wanted to go to Warwick because it was the best university I got into. 

Tuesday Apr 22 @ 07:59pm
Double checking dates for my Essay, accompanied by tea and freshly made chocolate orange brownie. Yas is the baking queen forever and always.

Double checking dates for my Essay, accompanied by tea and freshly made chocolate orange brownie. Yas is the baking queen forever and always.

Tuesday Apr 22 @ 02:59pm

Anonymous asked: what's your game plan when having to write an art history essay? Any tips?

1) Research extensively. Write the full correct citation at the top of your notes, and put page numbers in your margin. NEVER write something down if you aren’t putting your page number. You will never find it again.

2) Write a detailed plan highlighting EVERY point you want to make. Budget word limits for each section to stop you from going over the limit. You should have a good idea of what your conclusion/answer to the topic will be before you even start writing.

3) In you introduction you should state WHY you are focusing on certain examples. I usually use the “in order to be concise, given the vast topic of discussion” excuse. 

4) Put super long quotes in your footnotes and simply paraphrase them in the text. If you HAVE to leave in a long quote, put it in an indented paragraph.

5) Draft as you go. Every time you complete a section, go through it with a fine tooth comb. Once you’re happy, read through everything you’ve written so far to make sure it is making sense and keeping to the point. This is also a great way to stop your word limit getting out of hand

6) Try and relate things back to the question at least twice per section to convey to the marker that you’re NOT going on a tangent at any point.

7) Don’t leave it til the last minute. I usually write an essay in 2 weeks, after spending 2 weeks researching.

8) Don’t write your conclusion until the rest of your essay is in final draft stage. That way, when you’re done you really are done. 

That’s my tips.

Monday Apr 21 @ 04:56pm
Yasmins Creme Egg Brownies (Vegetarian)


makes 12

In an attempt to make us all feel better about being stuck with an Essay this Easter, my sweet flatmate Yas has been baking creme egg brownies! They turned out so wonderfully that I’ve decided to share her marvelous recipe with you all! The base brownie recipe is also excellent on its own, so if you fancy making these a teeny bit less decadent you can! 

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Sunday Apr 20 @ 10:36pm
My flatmate has been making Creme Egg brownies. Recipe to follow!!

My flatmate has been making Creme Egg brownies. Recipe to follow!!

Saturday Apr 19 @ 01:44pm

All week I have essentially been living in the university’s Library, contemplating the banality of life, having minor break downs about my future, and attempting to research an essay. Typical third year finalist stuff, but after 5 days straight it becomes enough to drive you insane. 

Thankfully, last night a good friend of mine took pity on my sad state and dragged me back into the real world. And when I say “real world” I mean Birmingham.

We had dinner at the Warehouse Cafe, which sells exclusively veggie/vegan dishes and is BYOB (Bring your own booze) with zero corking fee! I had re-fried bean tortilla with cheese, wedges and a lovely salad. Dear god was it good! I probably had comical hearts in my eyes from the first to the final bite! There’s nothing I can say that does justice to how damn delicious it was.

After stuffing ourselves to bursting, we popped along to the Electric Cinema (fun fact: Oldest working cinema in Britain!) to catch “The Double” and get slightly tipsy on double (see what I did there? Genius) shots of whiskey. At this point we’d already shared half a bottle of wine, so the poor cinema goers had to put up with us giggling like tipsy idiots during the trailers, and whispering a little too loudly during the film itself. In our defence, we were essentially gushing over how fantastic the cinematography and soundtrack was … which justify’s it right? right? Oh god I’m so incapable of social interaction. This is why I shouldn’t leave the Library; although I am very grateful to my lovely friend for giving me a good excuse to.

Nothing helps cheer me up like good food, drunk company and Richard Ayoade!

Sunday Apr 13 @ 09:11pm

foreverfallingover asked: You seem to me like you're such an awesome person!

Coming from you, that means so much <3 (I love your blog)

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:55pm
Spring has sprung (sort of) which means fresh strawberries are once again an affordable part of my grocery shopping!

Spring has sprung (sort of) which means fresh strawberries are once again an affordable part of my grocery shopping!

Tuesday Apr 8 @ 12:46pm
Pasta with a Porcini Mushroom sauce (Vegetarian)


serves 3 - 4

This dish is inspired by an excellent porcini mushroom pasta dinner I had in Florence last year; something my daydreams are made of. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s pretty deliciously close!

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Friday Apr 4 @ 09:54am

iolk asked: hey! i have a kind of stupid art history question to ask; how come in some paintings mary magdalene appears fully grown next to a baby Christ? Like in Gerard David's The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor. I'm just curious why artists would do that and you're the least intimidating person i could think of to ask this to haha

Not a stupid question at all! I had to have a really good think about it before I came up with my answer :) Was a great mental workout for my morning!

With these kinds of paintings, it is the patron/donor that dictates which saints they wish to appear in the composition, and what sort of iconography it needs to adhere to. The “virgin and child enthroned with saints” (a sacra conversazione) is one of the most common iconographical themes that appears in Renaissance art. The saints represented alongside are rarely ALL ones who were even alive during the lifetime of Christ. Hence within the painting time doesn’t really exist as we know it. The Christ child is a picture of human innocence, so far unaware (though often gesturing to iconography that suggests otherwise e.g. Grapes or pomegranate which both symbolise the Passion) of his future as the saviour of mankind. That is a very important version of Christ, and can’t be compromised. St John the Baptist, for example, was a similar age to his cousin Christ, but is most often depicted as an adult in these compositions… though not always, as we know from Da Vinci’s prep sketches for “The Virgin and Child with St Anne” that depict St John as a child. However, this approach is NOT acceptable for the representation of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene is a whore: a sinner and adulterer. She is the antithesis of childish innocence, and therefore to depict her as a child would be to mark her as equal to christ … inaccurate and potentially blasphemous. Children are born without sin. The artist has no choice but to present her as a fully grown adult if the patron desires her presence within the composition.

I hope this is helpful! Thank you for the excellent question :)

Thursday Apr 3 @ 11:35am
Spent my lunch break hiding from the rain with Lucien Freud and some carrot &amp; coriander soup.

Spent my lunch break hiding from the rain with Lucien Freud and some carrot & coriander soup.

Wednesday Apr 2 @ 09:59pm

Tea, Cake, Broccoli & Stilton soup and a fierce scrabble war with my best friend. Friday’s off work are best spent hiding from the cold!

Saturday Mar 29 @ 05:31pm

Unpopular opinion:

I think it’s irresponsible not to eat honey. Bees are the reason for 1/3rd of our food. Not supporting the honey industry is contributing to the endangering of a species to which we owe a huge debt.

I will also add, that if you’re not going to eat honey for ethical reasons, you should also stop buying a variety of produce that relies on huge commercial bee colonies to pollinate … Almonds for instance

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend a docu called ‘more than honey’, which is very informative and narrated by John Hurt.

(I should mention that I am taking up bee keeping)
Wednesday Mar 26 @ 09:45pm

Things I learn as an Intern:

"it is related that the Unicorn in order to escape from its hunters, will plunge into an abyss and land on its horn, which is so strong that it breaks the fall."

(I have no idea what I’m doing)

Monday Mar 24 @ 11:19am

Currently, I am home from university to do a three week internship with an Art Gallery in Plymouth. Part of what I have to do, is transcribing preparatory drawings, watercolours and paintings (The artist wrote extensive notes all over his work, and sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what he’s saying!) for the Round Room mural at Port Eliot in Cornwall. On Thursday I finally got the opportunity to see the mural in person; a pretty significant moment for me since it’s rarely open to the public. For copyright purposes I can’t post any photo’s of that, but I did find a delicious little cafe stocked with fresh flowers, tea and carrot cake! So I’m sharing that with you all instead. I’m a sucker for good carrot cake!

Saturday Mar 22 @ 04:14pm

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